Kodak Pixpro Remote Viewer Dirmware Update # VR360

1. go to the Kodak Website 


2. click firmware download tag and check device series

3. download file

4. select download path

5. unzip file
Number of unzipped files, version : 1.41 -> count : 2

6. put unzip file to the SD card root path (copy firm ware folder)

7. check current device version number(take off SD Card)

Home View


FW Version

Version 1.30

8. put on SD Card

9. pop-up request update window, show target version

10. click ok, update

11. shut down after the update is complete

12. take off the SD card, check version number
(not remove SD card, will do repeates update actions)

Version 1.41
15. delete SD Card Firmware folder

13. finish



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